Seet Dance has new offerings starting this August: a contemporary dance class for adults and an introduction to the Franklin Method®. The Franklin Method® is a system of movement education that combines imagery, embodied anatomy and simple exercises to improve postural balance and to create an efficient body. Charemaine's contemporary dance classes feature the work of Doug Elkins, an award-winning New York based choreographer. In July, Charemaine worked with the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York to teach Elkins' repertoire. 



Deadline Monday 14 September 2015


Are you a NSW choreographer with an idea you want to explore?

Critical Path’s Responsive program responds to New South Wales-based choreographers’ individually devised proposals to conduct practice-based, self directed blue sky research.

Murmuration Dance Theatre have released their Workshop Dates for the rest of 2015.

Download an information pack regarding their workshops.


Workshop Location:

Gumbramorra Hall, Addison Road Community Centre

142 Addison Road, Marrickville

Tuesday 2 June 6:00 - 7:30pm Dance and Theatre workshop

Tuesday 9 June 6:00 - 7:30pm Dance and Theatre workshop

Thanks to BLOCH, new Ausdance NSW Individual members will receive a FREE BLOCH bag valued at $59.95 while stock lasts! 

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An Hour with Kay - Image by Kay Armstrong




Someone told Kay once that they liked her solo work much better when she wasn’t in it.


That really got her thinking about absence and how it is she could be both in her work and elsewhere at the same time.


Cue suspiciously similar substitute who steps in to save the day. Luckily Kay has a left a transcript of the show for the hired help to follow, or not.


FORM Dance Projects hosts Dance Every Day, a series of classes facilitated by some of Australia's best and most experienced dance practitioners.  These classes encourage dancers to explore beyond their physical skills and develop their practice.

The July series will feature classes run by Brooke Stamp, Carlee Mellow, Dean Walsh and Niharika Senapati.

WHEN: 6 - 31 July 2015, 9AM to 11AM
WHERE: Connect Studios, Parramatta
PRICE: $10 casual rate or $40 for a weekly pass

Out of the Studio is a dance platform for young choreographers and dancers to get their work out there.

Sydneyʼs DirtyFeet is a not-for-profit contemporary dance organisation run by artists, for artists.

In July, DirtyFeet will present first-draft dance works from two young choreographers Rhiannon Newton and Rosslyn Wythes at Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance in Carlton, NSW.

Performers: Ashlee Barton, Emma Harrison, Kate MacDonald, Natalie Pelarek, Annabel Saies, Courtney Scheu, Ivey Wawn and Julian Renlong Wong.

Applications are now open for visionary and creative dancers and choreographers, aged 21 years and under, to take part in Sharp Short Dance, a dance festival coordinated by FORM Dance Projects.

From 10 to 14 November, Sharp Short Dance will showcase short, new and innovative dance works from the dance industry’s finest young talent. The festival encourages young artists to strive for their own artistic excellence and supports participation in all genres of dance.

Dining [Uns]-Table is a new solo work exploring dark relationships through an intimate and sometimes confronting, ambient world.

With its deep themes of failed familial bonds and associated psychological and emotional effects, Dining [Uns]-Table uses charismatic movement, dark humour and striking media art.

By distorting the personal with the universal, Dining [Uns]-Table draws you into a not-to-be missed experience of dance-theatre.

Director/Choreographer/Performer Cloé Fournier

Performance Space is delighted to present the world premiere of ON VIEW: Live Portraits by Sue Healey. Featuring five Australian dance artists in a breathtaking union of dance and film that exposes diverse ways of thinking through the body. SEASON: 17 – 25 July 2015 at Carriageworks. TIX: