We're Hiring!

Ausdance NSW has two exciting opportunities to join the team

Ausdance NSW has an exciting program set for 2016 - 2018. We are seeking two new members of the team including a Marketing and Administration Officer and an exciting new role of Manager Ausdance NSW.




Marketing and Administration

You will have the overall responsibility for the look, brand and feel of Ausdance NSW. You will have major input into the new 2016 – 2018 marketing and communication plan. You will lead the promotion of the organisations projects and events and executing general administration tasks. You will lead membership drives and facilitate the promotion of our members events and projects. 

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Manager Ausdance NSW (Organisation & Projects)

Oversee the operational management of the organisation and its projects, on a day-to-day basis. Work closely with the Director to implement the 2016 -18 program of activities, strategic plan and KPI’s. Be a positive driver of the organisation, to enable the dance sector to thrive. 

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Ausdance NSW is committed to workplace diversity.