Soft Landing 2015 For Dance Graduates

Soft Landing Photo

Development and Performance Project

Soft Landing is about you, a performing artist and human being. You will choreograph, perform, train in and teach dance among a group of committed and skilled artists at similar stages in their career, while being lead and supported by experienced dancers and choreographers.

With Amelia McQueenNatalie Abbott, and Solon Ulbrich.  A project of QL2 Dance.

Dates: 28 APRIL – 17 MAY 2015 (no partial attendance)

Location: QL2 Dance, Canberra

Cost: FREE! 

Applications due: 19 JANUARY 2015

Details and applications:

What will you do? 

  • You will be challenged to make decisions about yourself and your art practice.
  • You will train physically and engage creatively.
  • You will contribute creative tasks relevant to your interests.
  • You will support your peers and bring their concepts to life.
  • Together, you will debate, reveal, feel, talk, eat, dance and WORK!!

Details and applications:

“… I have felt constantly challenged, as well as physically, mentally and emotionally drained after each day. I have experienced fear, personal judgement, uncomfortableness, self-doubt, anxiety and sadness, but also excitement, freedom, happiness, lightness, progress and a re-discovered interest and engagement in dance.”

“… it’s felt like a cold shower. It’s been uncomfortable, it’s been terrifying, but it’s been refreshing, reinvigorating, and, ultimately, awakening. …I am emerging refreshed and re-energised.”

“… gave me not only a new kind of inspiration but also the necessary knowledge and tools to survive in this tough industry.”

 “I had such a powerful transformation … I found the courage required to source my own opportunities and ensure I was stepping closer towards my goals.”

  “… taught me how to overcome fears with my dancing and as a person. It allowed me to break through walls I had around me. It set me up with new connections.”

“…offered me an opportunity to think differently, an opportunity to find a better relationship with myself as well as those around me, and an acceptance and pride in what I do as an independent dance artist.”

“… the group … feels more like my peers than my year group from university… because they were committed to developing into professional artists.”

“…  dramatically impacted my practice as a dance performer and choreographer. The information I gained physically, conceptually and logistically will inform the development of my career”

“…one of the most important things that I learnt was how to talk about dance and the importance of beginning conversations about dance.”

“…gave me initiative to change the way I drive my life, the way I approach dance as an artist and as a business; and to ignite potential in myself.”

Details and applications: