Bangarra Dance Theatre Rekindling Youth Program

Bangarra Dance Theatre Rekindling Youth Program

Bangarra Dance Theatre Rekindling Youth Program

In 2013, Bangarra Dance Theatre launched its new youth program Rekindling, designed to inspire and develop the next generation of Indigenous story tellers by using dance to reconnect with their cultures. Having conducted extensive research trips into NSW communities in 2012, Bangarra commenced the Rekindling program early in 2013, inviting young people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage to participate.

Rekindling is an intensive dance based program for secondary students exploring ‘who you are’ and ‘where you come from’. The participants research and gather stories with the help and guidance from elders within their communities, to develop dance, performance and creative skills to produce dance theatre in collaboration with local elders.

In 2013, Rekindling brought together young people, selected from workshops in the NSW communities of Moree, Wellington, Kempsey and Blacktown.

Rekindling is lead by one of Bangarra’s most acclaimed artists, Sidney Saltner, who transitioned into a new role of Youth Program Director after 25 years as a performer.

Rekindling 2015 Communities


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Rekindling Youth Program is funded through generous donations from:

  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
  • Tim Fairfax Family Foundation
  • Bangarra’s private donors

2014 Rekindling participants from Theodore QLD, photo by Tiffany Parker