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Ausdance NSW would like to share some key advocacy points that emerged from a debreif following the David Throsby AO Webinar that were unanimously agreed on by those present. 

3 dancers in a park, teacher is stading with arm raised above head and in a walking stance. 2 dancers are on the ground stretching.

What does it matter where you dance as long as you dance?

Why are some places or spaces more conducive to ‘dropping in’?

Is it the place/space or the people?  Where is the safety?

Where in lies the reverie? How do I go inwards yet still play?

Curious Body: a practice of being in & being seen

Two dancers are intertwined together through their arm movements. From the left the dancer is bent over with his arms stretched downwards and they are linked with the hands of the dancer on the right. Her head is facing upwards with her body leaning backwards. To the right of the image is a wheelchair. Coloured image on a blacked-out stage, stage lighting shining on the artists.

Ausdance NSW & Ausdance VIC together with Arts Access Victoria and Accessible Arts NSW  will join forces to present a free public forum on accessible dance education, training and practice. Arts Access VIC CEO and internationally acclaimed Disabled Choreographer, Caroline Bowditch chats with Accessible Arts NSW Arts Development Officer and Musician/ Composer, Liz Martin and Deaf Contemporary Dancer and Artistic Director of The Delta Project, Anna Seymour.

Earlier this year Angela Goh was awarded the Sydney Dance Company and Create NSW inaugural Beyond The Studio Fellowship. Due to COVID we have yet to officially send our congratulations on this amazing achievement and acknowledgment of Angela's progressing career and dedication to the dance sector. 

Glance at Dance

We held our industry and members networking event Glance at Dance on Thursday 21 November. In 2019, the NSW dance sector faced considerable challenges and the event was an opportunity for this community to gather, meet one other – artists, educators, and administrators – learn about others’ work, listen to a range of diverse voices, workshop and exchange ideas, stories, experiences, pearls of wisdom and ways forward.

Big Dance is the largest celebration of dance in the world and it’s hitting Australian in 2018!

Initiated by the Mayor of London in 2006, the biennial Big Dance is a participatory dance festival.

It is a celebration of dance for all ages and all levels of ability.

2018 sees Australia take the leading role for this global event, with Ausdance Victoria and Ausdance NSW presenting the 2018 Big Dance.

The Innovating Dance Practice grant is an initiative of Ausdance NSW to assist professional dance practitioners residing in NSW to develop and innovate their practice through funds made available by Create NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. This is a three-year initiative. The third year of this program opens 3 May 2018 and closes 26 June 2018 at 5:00PM.

The grant provides assistance to realise an opportunity that inspires new work, knowledge and skills, for example:

·       program of activity that develops your professional practice

Inspired by our successful Future Makers and Movers program in 2017, this series will provide teachers unique tools to inspire their students. From technology, to urban dance foundations and HSC tools, this year long program is essential for any teacher teaching kids years K-12. 

2018 Professional Learning line up debuts 12 April 2018. 


Photo: Jamie James

Tuesday 15th May, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

The Arts Exchange Building, 10 Hickson Road THE ROCKS 2000

Ausdance NSW warmly welcomes all to attend our 2018 Annual General Meeting. 

The AGM will be held on the ground floor level of The Arts Exchange Building. 

The Sydney Festival packed with lots of Dance and Theatre to see!

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