Ausdance NSW is the peak body for dance, for NSW we have a 40-year history of educating, inspiring and supporting the dance community. We are a membership organisation. You can join today as an individual or as an organisation.

We provide advice, advocacy and dance programs in different contexts and environments, both directly and indirectly and in partnership with other State and Federal government departments, Local Government Authorities, dance companies, organisations, educational institutions, businesses, and dance studios. We liaise with government bodies and other sectors, such as youth, aging and education on the issues that matter to you, to help foster a sustainable and successful dance sector.

What we are doing right now:

  • Consulting NSW Health, Service NSW, and the Office for Sport to keep the sector up to date on COVID-19 restrictions affecting the dance industry and assist the sector, including Dance Studios to re-open and return to a COVID Safe “new normal”.
  • Working with the Arts sector service organisations including Theatre Network NSW, Regional Arts NSW and Music NSW towards more equitable funding schemes from the state government.
  • Conducting Zoom meetings (individual, group and facilitated meetings) to understand the immediate needs and concerns of the NSW dance sector.
  • Ensuring the NSW dance sector has the access to the opportunities they need, such as professional development, space in kind residencies and education.
  • Advocating for the dance sector through facilitated meetings and where necessary, escalating to the NSW Government and the Federal government, through Ausdance National. Our current key areas of focus are the dance studio sector, small to medium dance organisations, culturally diverse dance forms and artists, tertiary dance education in NSW, a regional dance strategy and independent, commercial and freelance dancers.
  • Working with the Actors Benevolent Fund to create a category for dancers.
  • Re-imagining our current projects to take place online and be increasingly accessible to our community.


Ausdance NSW is the key support & advocacy body, for the creation, presentation and practice of dance in NSW.

Ausdance NSW is part of the Ausdance National Network.

Ausdance acknowledges and respects the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which we work and dance and pays respect to elders past, present and emerging. 

Contact Info

10 Hickson Road, Level 3, Arts Exchange Buliding, The Rocks, Sydney 2000
02 9256 4800

ABN 36 824 207 095