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Joining Ausdance NSW allows every individual and organisation to make a difference to the dance sector. Your membership fee goes towards advocacy in dance as well as our programs to strengthen, grow and develop the dance sector.

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Individual Membership $66 for 12 months

If you are a dance student, performer/artist, teacher, administrator, dance therapist or have any interest in dance, then Ausdance NSW membership can help you.

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Organisational Membership $110 for 12 months

Calling all dance schools, dance spaces, dance wear companies, health practitioners or any dance/arts-related business get involved join the community, let's get you found.

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Ausdance NSW Complimentary Memberships Free

If you continue to be affected by the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we will happily issue you a complimentary 6-month membership. We would also like to know how you have been affected financially by COVID-19 in order to collect data to present to funding bodies and government and advocate further for the sector.

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