About Ausdance NSW

Ausdance NSW 

The Australian Dance Council - Ausdance NSW Inc 

Ausdance as an organisation has been around for 40 years. Ausdance NSW was established in 1977 as the dedicated service provider for dance in the state.

Funded principally by the NSW government through Create NSW it is the key support and advocacy body for dance creation, presentation and participation across the state. Its portfolio of projects spans the fields of professional development, regional and community involvement, education, and social inclusion. 

Part of the national Ausdance network, which has offices in most states and territories, Ausdance NSW is committed to raising the profile of dance within the state and to gaining recognition for NSW based companies and artists both nationally and internationally.

Mission Statement

To create, support and promote opportunities for dance in NSW and invest in its ongoing development.


  1. To champion innovation, creativity and diversity in dance
  2. To advocate and demonstrate high standards of professionalism in the dance industry
  3. To mobilise cooperation in support of dance development
  4. To promote dance creation, presentation and participation
  5. To promote the interaction of NSW dance within the national and international arenas
  6. Ensure the stability and sustainability of the organisation

Ausdance NSW is assisted by the NSW Government through Create NSW