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Template Message to the Premier

‘Get in touch with our new Minister for the Arts, Premier Galdys Berejiklian. Select ‘leave a message’ from the drop-down menu.

Here is a suggested message for independent dance artists:


Dear Premier Berejiklian,

I am getting in touch with you as an NSW based independent dancer/artist/ choreographer/Producer [delete as appropriate]. The dance sector has been severely impacted by COVID-19. Ausdance National’s sector survey reveals that NSW has been hit hard in terms of loss of income as a result of the health crisis. Dance artists have reported a 77% immediate drop in income affecting practical needs such as rent, and paying contractors. Mental health has been identified as an urgent issue in the dance community.  

The dance sector is resilient – we are working on our sustainability during this time, transforming our practices to online spaces and doing our best to maintain relationships with our audiences – which is supporting the nation right now to stay connected, mentally, and physically well during social isolation. Now more than ever, we need the Government’s support. A targeted Arts Relief package is desperately needed to ensure the livelihoods of the dance sector that at a conservative estimate is experiencing upwards of a $6 million loss across the state. As you would be aware, the Australia Council’s Resilience Fund is money sourced from the June grant round – Australia Council grants provide an essential source of income to dancers which will no longer be available. Another financial loss for the arts.

As an NSW dance artist, I urge you to represent my needs at this time including:

·         Immediate expansion of Australia Council funding to adequately support the needs of the dance and arts sectors.

·         Lobby the Federal Government for an arts specific relief package

·         Work with Create NSW to expand the COCID-19 response package and to extend the package terms for 18 months, from crisis through to recovery.


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