Auspicing for Ausdance NSW Members

What is auspicing?

Auspicing is a service provided to members of Ausdance NSW. It is the management of grant funds for individuals / organisations that are not incorporated associations or that have very limited infrastructure. Auspicing by Ausdance NSW means that your grant funds are managed on your behalf, and reported on to the funding body at the end of (and occasionally during) the funding period.

What can be auspiced? Grants from funding bodies, i.e. The Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW.

Who/what can be auspiced?

  • You must be a current member of Ausdance NSW.
  • The project for which funding is sought can be reasonably described as ‘dance or movement arts’.
  • The aims of the project fall broadly within the Ausdance national priority areas, which, overall, aim to further the development of dance.
  • As a peak body accountable to our own funding agency & members, Ausdance NSW will not provide infrastructure for projects with purely commercial aims

Auspice fees 

Auspice fees apply to cover administrative, bank, and audit costs. Ausdance NSW charges a fee of 10% of grant funds. The auspicing fee will be included in your grant application budget as an ‘on top’ percentage charge after your complete budget is set. If the amount available is fixed, the percentage must be included in the fixed amount.

How do I get my grant auspiced? 

To be auspiced by Ausdance NSW, you must contact the Ausdance NSW Director, to discuss auspicing, at least one month prior to the closing date for your grant application. The Director will advise whether auspicing is possible. The auspicing agent (Ausdance NSW) is also required to provide information with your grant application This may be a letter of agreement or signature on the grant application. 

More questions? Contact the Ausdance NSW Director, Michelle Silby.