DAIR 2014

DAIR Program Recipients 2014

Recipients 2014 

Doubleback Dance - Caterina Mocciola and Jay Bailey

Collaborators: Rob McCredie, Imogen Cranna
Where: Ready Made Space
Duration: 2 weeks (80 Hours)
When: May
Title: the Monument 

Residency Info: Caterina and Jay will use this residency to investigate the choreographic language for a new dance theatre dance work they are developing.

Caterina Mocciola is a Sydney-based independent dancer and choreographer whose practice is based on Contact Improvisation and Improvisation. She has extensively performed nationally and internationally. While in Sydney she collaborated with Strings Attached, DirtyFeet, Critical Path, De Quincey Co, Bundanon and LivingData. She was a guest dancer at “Somatic and Technology Conference” in UK and for the “Extended Underscore” research project at Rohempton University in London. She is the co-director of Double Back, recipient of the artist residency at Annandale Creative Arts Centre and of DAIR for the development of the Monument. 



Jay Bailey is an independent artist based in Sydney, working with Legs on the Wall, Form Dance, Performance Space, Critical Path, youMove, Physical TV, DirtyFeet and Liquid Skin. Jay is artist in residence at Annandale Creative Arts Centre and performed two works for Short+Sweet Sydney, Jaybird and On My Own Terms. She performed Plucked with Liquid Skin. In 2013 Jay performed at On The Cusp, Vivid, Impro Exchange, Earth Hour and with Physical TV. She is guest choreographer for Platform Shorts and is working with Legs on the Wall, Form Dance Projects and VOX choir’s PUNCTURE. As co-director of Double Back, she is developing Little By Little.


Murasaki Penguin - Anna Kuroda

Collaborators: David Kirkpatrick, Kei Ikeda
Where: Ready Made Space
Duration: 2 weeks (80 Hours)
When: May
Title: Depth

Residency Info: Murasaki Penguin are exploring depth and the dimensionality of movement. This residency will allow them to explore movement speed and the interactivity of the body with sound and live projection. 

Anna Kuroda is a dancer and choreographer living in Sydney. She completed a Batchelor of Movement Science at Japan Women's College of Physical Education in 2009. She then went on to study at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance from 2010-2011. From 2007, Kuroda performed with the company Nibroll, touring throughout Japan, Australia, Singapore and the USA. Kuroda has completed secondments with Chunk Move, Ultima Vez and Constanza Macras & DORKY PARK. In 2010 she began collaborating with David Kirkpatrick (sound and multimedia artist) as Murasaki Penguin. Their work crosses cultures and the boundaries of dance, sound and video, with a focus on interactivity and live performance.


Rhiannon Newton

Collaborators: Benjamin Forster, Kynan Tan
Where: ACPE
Duration: 2 Weeks (80 hours)
When: June
Title: assemblies – study

Residency Info: "assemblies - study" observes how repetition moves dynamic content toward perceptibly stable orders. The solo practice is a series of time-based parameters that consider repetition, the relationship to ‘difference', affect on the body and the inevitable decay of a repeated assemblage away from itself.

Rhiannon Newton's practice is grounded in rigorous choreographic investigation, improvisation, and deep physical research. She works to dislocate the body from identity and foreground action - space relations. Rhiannon has worked as a dancer for Jan Fabre (BE), Odelya Kuperberg (IL), Ruby Elderman (IL), Jo Pollitt, Chrissie Parrott, Buzz Dance Theatre, Paea Leach, Aimee Smith and Alexandra Harrison among others. In 2013 Rhiannon has been in residence at Movement Research in New York and participated in the Eastern European and Australian Choreographic Exchange in Maribor, Zagreb and Brisbane. In 2011 Rhiannon presented “The Check Point Solo” at Brisbane Festival and The Judson Church, New York. Rhiannon has created choreographies for the Unkempt Dance Collective, The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Asia Pacific World Dance Alliance Festival. Rhiannon’s holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Dance from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2004-2007).


United Movement - Paul Walker and Ivey Wawn

Collaborators: Jenna Skepper
Where: ACPE
Duration: 2 Weeks (80 Hours)
When: June/July
Title: United Movement High School Workshop Development
Residency Info: During the residency Ivey and Paul will work with High School Dance and Visual Art teachers to transform this shared practice into an accessible high school workshop that can be taken into schools.

United Movement is an interdisciplinary arts group founded by Ivey Wawn and Paul Walker. Since the start of 2013 the group has been working with visual artists and dancers to develop a shared practice that combines a life drawing class with improvised movement; working to shift boundaries within, and between, these art forms. This shared practice has been offered to students at the National Art School as both a class and a week long workshop, and a demonstration of this practice was presented at SEAM 2013 Symposium. United Movement has also begun offering this practice as a regular class to the public.


Annabel Saies and Ashleigh White

Where: ACPE
Collaborators: Anya McKee, Tim Roberts
Duration: 1 Week (40 Hours)
When: November
Title: Bounce

Residency Info: During the week residency Annabel Saies and Ashleigh White will practice their creativity both individually and collaboratively. The week will involve physical research and discussion around interactive performance, audience and performer experiences and improvisation in performance. For us as artists 'Bounce' is an opportunity to exchange, to play, work and react to one another's impulses and offerings to begin generating a duo work. We want to work towards creating a performance that bounces between and relies upon the exchange between us but also stimulus from audience, environment and circumstance and the residency will provide a platform for us to begin this vision.

Annabel Saies worked with Cadi McCarthy, Melanie Lane, Gabrielle Nankivell, Justin Rutzou, Kristina Chan, Amelia McQueen and Michael Whaites whist at WAAPA. She and her peers performed at the International Dance Academies Festival held in Taipei, Taiwan in a work by Justin Rutzou. Since graduating Annabel has independently made solo and duo work performed in Perth. Her interest is in layering and evolution of movement, rhythm, dynamics, repetition.



Ashleigh White graduated from WAAPA in 2012. 
Since then Ashleigh has undertaken a residency at the Chapel Space in Perth; was involved in a music video for local Perth artist Sam Perry and performed in Strut Dance's annual season, Short Cuts, creating the work Bounce with Annabel Saies. Last year Ashleigh was also successful in receiving funding from the Department of Culture and the Arts to create a dance film, thirtyDAYS. thirtyDAYS was filmed at Chrissie Parrott's Art Gallery in Perth and will premiere in April 2014.



Fenix Icatu

Collaborators: Karen Otero, Jessie Hoeschle
Where: ACPE
Duration: 2 Weeks (80 Hours)
When: November
Title: House Remix

Residency Info: In House Remix, Fênix aims to explore how house dance can be integrated in a contemporary dance work by re-interpreting contemporary dance through the eyes of a house dancer. By using both house dancers and contemporary dancers in this work he is interested to see what will result from the collaboration between dancers that have different movements, ideas and approaches to dance.

Fenix Icatu is a dancer trained in popping, locking and house dance. Since learning these different styles he has come to appreciate not only the dance, but the philosophy, sub culture and ethos behind street dance and hip hop culture. More recently, Fenix has taken an interest in contemporary dance and the intersection of street dance and contemporary dance forms, especially how different Australian dance artists and choreographers such as Antony Hamilton and Nick Power are creating works that blur the lines between what is considered street dance and what is dance theatre or contemporary dance.


Chanel Leaudais

Collaborators:Sean Marcs, Anna Healey, Robert Alejandro
Where: ACPE
Duration: 3 Weeks (120 hours)
When: December
Title: Vuelo

Residency Info: Chanel will be researching biomechanics and the effective use of gravity in an integrated dance environment. Exploration will draw on contemporary dance, contact improvisation and low-level harness work.

Chanel Leaudais works in the New South Wales dance industry and education sector. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Dance Education in 2009, she has worked as an educator within schools and arts centres; a dancer, choreographic assistant, dance therapist, artist support worker, program coordinator, in arts administration and project management, ticketing and registrations.
After completing her studies at the Australian College of Physical Education, Chanel moved to Ireland to work with Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company. Since returning to Australia in 2011, Chanel has been involved in numerous events including NSW Dance Symposium, Dance Integrated Australia’s ‘Teaching Creative Arts in the Special Needs Classroom’; the Australian Youth Dance Festival, the Catalyst Master Class Series, DirtyFeet choreographic labs, the National Dance Forum, and Beyond Technique Dance Residency at Bundanon Trust, The Corner Dance Lab 2014, The Right Foot Project and its creative development stages, In Transit.