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Professional Arts Learning Series

PALS - Professional Arts Learning Series

PALS (Professional Arts Learning Series) is a series of workshops aimed to enhance the practice of dance artists, makers, educators, and choreographers. Throughout the series of workshops, guest teachers will provide insights and information that equip the artists or educators to further their knowledge of the dance sector. 


The Artists Stream

The Artists Stream of PALS provides a platform for dance artists, makers, and performers, to enhance and develop their practice through a series of curated workshops. The workshops are led by national and international dance artists in various fields, offering insights into their practice. All courses are open to Artists from across all career stages both early and established and have been tailored to support artists in their continued professional development in the sector.

The Teachers Stream

The Teachers Stream of PALS is a platform for educators working within the Primary and Secondary sector, both specialist and non-specialist, to undertake Professional Learning workshops and networking opportunities. The workshops can be attended individually or as a series, and are designed as an opportunity for teachers to stay current and connected to top Australian dance makers and educators in the sector. The Teachers Stream aims to empower the teacher and student to create innovative tools beyond genre and age lines and advocate for dance in their schools, studios, and communities. All courses are open to teachers from across all stages and have been tailored to support syllabus learning outcomes.