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About Ausdance NSW

The Australian Dance Council - Ausdance NSW Inc 

Ausdance NSW is the peak body for dance, for NSW we have a 40-year history of educating, inspiring and supporting the dance community. We are a membership organisation. You can join today as an individual or as an organisation.

We provide advice, advocacy and dance programs in different contexts and environments, both directly and indirectly and in partnership with other State and Federal government departments, Local Government Authorities, dance companies, organisations, educational institutions, businesses, and dance studios. We liaise with government bodies and other sectors, such as youth, aging and education on the issues that matter to you, to help foster a sustainable and successful dance sector.

We are part of the Ausdance National network and part of a key partnership with our sister organisation, Ausdance Vic, providing pathways for artists in the network between NSW and Vic.

Mission Statement

To create, support and promote opportunities for dance in NSW and invest in its ongoing development.


  1. To champion innovation, creativity and diversity in dance
  2. To advocate and demonstrate high standards of professionalism in the dance industry
  3. To mobilise cooperation in support of dance development
  4. To promote dance creation, presentation and participation
  5. To promote the interaction of NSW dance within the national and international arenas
  6. Ensure the stability and sustainability of the organisation


Key Priorities for Ausdance NSW:


Priority 1. Strengthen sector networks & access to resourcing

1.1    Expand and strengthen strategic partnership and initiatives


Priority 2. Capacity building & industry sustainability

2.1    Identify and respond to industry issues

2.2    Provide programs to support sustainable sector and art form development

2.3    Build online communication resources to strengthen sector capacity


Priority 3. Access, engagement & participation

3.1    Facilitate and develop programs that enable participation across NSW

3.2    Promote and market the work of members and the organisation nationally and internationally

3.3    Raise membership and E-News subscribers


Priority 4. Advocacy & development of art form & sector

4.1    Provide representation for NSW dance to key government decision makers

4.2    Establish mechanisms & programs to support NSW dance initiatives


Priority 5. Building Ausdance NSW organisation capacity & sustainability

5.1    Strengthening the organisation through board and committee’s development

5.2    Ensure operational, financial, marketing & specific project plans are in place.

5.3    Secure sustainable and diverse revenue streams for the organisation and explore new income streams




Ausdance NSW is supported by the
NSW Government through Create NSW