Ausdance NSW welcomes the news that dance classes can resume tomorrow with a maximum of 20 people. Please be aware that the official government websites and industry safety plans may not have been updated yet wit this information.

Our email confirmation of this from the Ministry for Health below for you to share with your communities, students, staff, boards, and others.

“The NSW Government is taking a staged approach to the relaxation of measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, in line with National Cabinet’s three-step approach.

NSW Health is working with other government agencies, including Safework NSW, to ensure that businesses can be reopened as early as safely possible, based on the data and best available health advice.

Restrictions on dance studios are easing 13 June 

Reflecting the community’s diligence in complying with the COVID-19 measures and successfully suppressing transmission, the NSW Government has commenced relaxing restrictions. In light of recent announcements, including by the Premier this morning, a wider range of activities will be permitted from 13 June 2020. Specifically, gyms, health, and dance studios will be permitted to re-open with up to 20 people per class in an indoor venue. Hygiene measures and the four square metre rule must still be applied at all times. As Julia noted, you can find the latest information on what you can and can’t do under current restrictions at 

COVID Safety Plans 

Business owners are expected to develop a COVID Safety Plan to provide a framework to identify possible health risks and outline the measures that will need to be taken to address those risks in their business. There is a checklist for items that should be considered in developing a COVID Safety Plan for gyms including dance studios, available at

There may also be other issues that need to be considered at individual dance premises.

The NSW Government will not be approving individual plans as each of these need to be tailored to the specifics of that premises. The onus is on organisations, as employers, to develop appropriate plans and ensure compliance with such plans.”


For a PDF of the updated government COVID-19 plan to include Dance Studio, from NSW Government here>>>

Susan Doel – General Manager

Ausdance NSW

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