Making Space

A film celebrating the achievements of the DAIR 2020 Funded recipients

Ausdance NSW is proud to announce the launch of ‘Making Space – Dance Artists in Residence of 2020,’ a dance film celebrating the achievements of the DAIR Funded recipients of the past year. In 2019, the DAIR program received funding through the Australia Council for the Arts. This enabled the successful recipients to receive a $1000 stipend per week of their residency.

The visual sharing features all 13 DAIR 2020 artists, they share exerts from their work in the Brand X studio, they share their creative practice, discuss their process and share the impact the DAIR residency had on their work.

Within ten days of COVID-19 sparking a national lockdown, DAIR had shifted online with the enthusiastic support of the artists involved. The film touches on the impact of the restrictions on artists being able to access studio space, and how many persevered to produce new work, conduct research, and connect with dance artists from across the globe.

'Making Space' is followed by a group sharing with artist and collaborators, facilitated by choreographer Lee Serle.

Please join us as we launch this exciting project.

Date: Thursday 17 December

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Where: Facebook Live

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Alice Weber - Alstonville Dance Studio

Collaborated with Monika Błaszczak, Vanessa Goodman, Ileanna Cheladyn and Alexa Wilson

Mentored by Giselle Stanborough


Annalouise Paul - Campbelltown Arts Centre

Collaborated with Trevor Brown

Mentored by Anny Mokotow


Eliza Cooper - The McDonald College

Collaborated with Mitchell Christie, Maxine Carlisle, Strickland Young, Allie Graham, Emalyn Knight, Jess Goodfellow, Emma Grill and Mason Peronchik.

Mentored by Kay Armstrong


Ella-Watson Heath - Australian College of Physical Education

Collaborated with Kieran Clancy-Lowe

Mentored by Sandra Eldridge


Elle Evangelista - Royal Academy of Dance

Mentored by Matt Cornell


Emily Flannery - NAISDA Dance College

Collaborated with Amy Flannery, Jye Uren and Thomas J Kelly


Emma Harrison - Australian College of Physical Education        

Collaborated with Luke Minness

Mentored by Kay Armstrong


Gabriella Green - Campbelltown Arts Centre

Collaborated with Ngioko Bunda-Heath

Mentored by Emma Saunders


Natasha Sturgis - Art in Motion – Imagine Residency

Collaborated with composer Alice Jane Turner, dancers; Alice Laidler, Allie Graham, Eliza Cooper, Lillian Grant, Lisa Mclaughlan, Olivia Hadley, Rachele Chinellato, Satoko Fukuda

And Synne Lundesgaard.


Margot Politis - Australian College of Physical Education

Collaborated with Liam O’Keefe

Mentored by Kay Armstrong


Rakini Devi - Australian College of Physical Education

Collaborated with Kenny Feather, Jiva Parthipan, Nigel Kellaway and Julie Vulcan

Mentored by Martin Del Amo

Excerpt from the video installation for Rakini Devi's Kolkata Kali. Sound and video by Karl Ockelford.


Ryuichi Fujimura - ReadyMade Works

Collaborated with Laura Turner

Mentored by Kate Champion


Thank you to our DAIR Venue partners for their continued support, without which this program would not be possible.

Alstonville Dance Studio

Art In Motion

Campbelltown Arts Centre 

The Australian College of Physical Education

The Royal Academy of Dance Australia

NAISDA Dance College

ReadyMade Works



Ausdance NSW would like to thank each DAIR artist involved in the 2020 program and for sharing their practice with us. Thank you, Lee Serle, for facilitating the group sharing.

We would like to acknowledge DAIR artist Patricia Wood not featured in this film.

Patricia Wood

Australian College of Physical Education

Mentored by Lee Serle

"My current work deals with the transference of embodied knowledge from a body to another performer’s body; from a performer’s body to an audience’s body or from a body into words or visual signs. These transfers involve embodied repetition and all the senses that help create memory and continuities. While dance is often transmitted within conventional symbolic codes of culture, my work deals with dance transmission occurring through non-symbolic morphic processes such resonance, vibration, and soft telepathy."



Ausdance NSW would like to thank James Winter and Brand X for allowing us to film in their venue and thank you for your dedication and commitment to showcasing independent dance across NSW.


Ausdance NSW would like to thank ‘Making Space’ producers Lauren Vassallo and Kate Maguire-Rosier for their dedication to the DAIR program and their continued efforts in shining a light on independent artists.

Eliza Cooper, Music ‘Chiropetera’ created by Mason Peronchik for Bat Lake. DirtyFeet has supported this project in the Out of the Studio program 2020.


Photo Credit: Elle Evangelista, photo by Luke Currie-Richardson.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body⁠. ⁠



Ausdance NSW is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW