As we return to dance in 2021 in NSW, unvaccinated people, including and especially people under 16, are most at risk of contracting COVID-19 right now. With this in mind, knowing dance is a physical activity, practised indoors, and most often with children, the dance sector is facing an uncertain situation ahead. Ausdance NSW continues to be in dialogue with Create NSW and the Office of Sport who receive information from NSW Health.

In line with government messaging and in response to the Public Health Order for the easing of restrictions at 70 per cent fully vaccination level (effective as of Monday 11 October) (PHO), Ausdance NSW encourages the dance sector to undertake rigorous risk management planning. Classes in dance schools classified as ‘recreation facilities (indoors)’ are not included in the list of higher risk premises (clause 2.18(5)). However, performance venues classified as ‘entertainment facilities’ or ‘recreation facilities (major)’ are classified as higher risk. We encourage businesses to decide on how they implement the health and safety requirements such as sighting proof of vaccination using the PHO as the minimum and putting the wellbeing of most vulnerable people at the heart of their covid-safety plans. 

Clause 2.18(3) requires a fully vaccinated adult household member to accompany a person under 16 at higher risk premises. As mentioned above indoor recreation facilities are not included in the list of higher risk premises. We understand that this means a person under 16 regardless of their vaccination status, can – at the discretion of a business owner – attend a dance class without the need to be accompanied by a vaccinated adult member of their household. However, for entertainment venues where people are performing such as dance concerts, eisteddfods and competitions, people under 16 must be accompanied by a vaccinated adult of their household. Note that ‘recreation facilities (major)’ are listed as higher risk premises and include large scale sporting activities with large numbers of people. 

The impact of COVID-19 will affect each organisation differently. Decisions to alter terms and conditions of entry may differ between organisations and locations. These decisions are the responsibility of the facility owners and operators, and activity providers, in line with their risk management and operating policies and ensuring Public Health Orders are complied with.

This current PHO is subject to change and will likely last a week or two, the next PHO, a month or more, and from 1 December, the situation will change again. The announcement that JobSaver has been extended gives businesses a larger safety net should re-opening not be viable at this moment. Ausdance NSW prioritises the health and safety of the NSW dance community above all. We encourage dance businesses to do the same.


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Ausdance acknowledges and respects the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which we work and dance and pays respect to elders past, present and emerging. 

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