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Dancing Nation

Strengthening Dance Across the Country

The Ausdance National Network

Ausdance National Network consist of the different Ausdance organisations in each state. Through the Ausdance National Network, the states share strategies, provide interstate sector support and research and advocacy. This also leads to joint initiatives such as the Australian Dance Awards, the National Dance Forum and the Safe Dance Project.


Inter-state Partnership Ausdance NSW Ausdance VIC

The partnership between Ausdance NSW and Ausdance VIC also builds creative capacity through joint and shared strategies, initiatives and knowledge. Events previously such as the Dance Massive. The Creative Aging Forum are produced across both states for the benefit of the sectors in both states. This partnership supports dancers to tour and generate work inter-state. 


ACFIPS (Arts, Communications, Finance Industries and Property Services) Partnership

Ausdance NSW’s Executive Director sits on the ACFIBS board, identifying and advising on state and national training needs and is the only dance representative.


Independent Reference Committee, Arts & Culture Related Industries (IRC), Deputy Chair (Michelle Silby, ED)

Consultation on national training package qualifications relevant to the following job roles: Actors, dancers, community arts and cultural development practitioners, musicians, composers, visual artists, craft practitioners, and writers