DAIR 2017

Dance Artists in Residence 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 Round 1 Recipients


Sue Healey


Sue Healey is a choreographer, educator, filmmaker and installation artist based in Sydney with over 35 years experience in dance and moving image. Her films have screened in over 30 countries and broadcast by Australian and European television networks. Sue will spend a week as Dance Artist in Residence (DAIR) at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) and a week at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) collaborating with Australian dance legend Eileen Kramer on the creation of an installation work. Eileen’s 75-year career as a writer, dancer, painter, costume designer and choreographer began in 1939 with the Bodenweiser Ballet. Following their closure in 1959 Eileen travelled through India, Pakistan, Africa and Europe working as a dancer. Eileen has returned to live in Australia and is now aged 101.


Callum Mooney


Callum Mooney is a Sydney based choreographer, dancer and actor. He is inspired by art in dance, as well as film-making. Callum danced in Marko Panzic's The Dream Dance Company for their 2016 and 2017 season and has starred in Billy Elliot the Musical and ABC's Dance Academy. Callum trained and taught at Studio 68 and Pineapple Dance Studios in London and has also done short courses at NIDA. He is currently completing a Diploma in Film and Interactive Media. Callum will spend a week as Dance Artist in Residence (DAIR) at ReadyMade Works on a project called WeAreSound.


Ivey Wawn


Ivey Wawn is an independent dancer working with contemporary practice in a range of contexts. In 2016 Ivey was supported by the Australia Council for the Arts to participate in the DanceWEB Scholarship in the frame of ImPulsTanz, Vienna. She also presented work at CRACK Theatre Festival, AirSpace Projects, Shopfront Contemporary Arts and Performance, and at ReadyMade Works (Happy Hour.) She has received continued support from Critical Path and is developing "Adventure Dances; summoning sensation" with the support of DirtyFeet. Ivey will spend a week as Dance Artist in Residence (DAIR) at ReadyMade Works collaborating with other dancers on a work for the Underbelly Arts Festival.


Rakini Devi


Rakini Devi places herself as a hybrid figure in her dance performance personae and inquires into her own identity as an artist originating from the East and located in the West. Her method draws on the grammar of Bharatnatyam and Odissi Indian classical dance as inspiration where the fundamentals of Indian classical dance are explored and given prominence. Rakini will spend a week as Dance Artist in Residence (DAIR) at the RAD to further develop a solo dance work to be presented by FORM in September.


Liz Lea


Liz Lea is a performer and choreographer based in Canberra and NSW, directing Liz Lea Dance. Liz was based in Europe for 20 years and worked for the Royal Opera House, Ranjabati Sircar, Imlata, Sankalpam, English National Opera and English Bach Festival. Her speciality is working with classical Indian dance and martial arts as a solo practitioner. She directed Canberra Dance Theatre for 6 years, founding The GOLD Company for dancers over 55 which commissioned over 14 internationally recognised choreographers. Liz founded the DANscienCE Festival, and in March 2017 will run The BOLD festival celebrating the legacy of dance. Liz will spend a week as Dance Artist in Residence (DAIR) at the Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) working on a new one woman show titled RED.


Congratulations to our 2017 Round 2 Recipients

Pictured Top to Bottom: and Nikki Heywood,Sarah Vai & Yukino McHugh, Mikaela Carr, Kristina Chan, Rhiannon Newton, and Laura Osweiler 

Rhiannon Newton – ReadyMade Works / Royal Academy of Dance

During her DAIR at ReadyMade Works in June and the Royal Academy of Dance in July Rhiannon Newton will work on ‘Doing Dancing’ towards installing this project as a series of performance events and an accumulating archive in the First Draft's Exhibitions Program throughout August 2017. Doing Dancing involves re-iterating acts of dancing and reading. Gertrude Stein’s portrait of Isadora Duncan becomes a moving surface from which a practice of eternal dance returns, accumulates in an archive of increasingly ghosted dances.

Kristina Chan – Royal Academy of Dance

Kristina’s choreographic practice explores ideas on impermanence, fragility and mortality in nature, humanity and our environment. During her DAIR at the Royal Academy of Dance Kristina will be exploring invisible landscapes, invisible languages, unseen consequences, unseen forces, working with physical repetition and duration to provoke ideas and concepts for a starting point for a new dance work. 

Nikki Heywood – ReadyMade Works

Nikki Heywood, Helen Sky and Mark Cauvin will be engaged in a research/creative development that builds on previous idiosyncratic work involving double bass and a number of objects that reflect our conflicted relationship to animals and the feminine. Their DAIR at ReadyMade Works in August will provide a perfect space for the testing of some new concepts and further experimentation and refinement of the choreographic material.

Nikki Heywood’s work in contemporary performance making spans four decades as a devisor, director, choreographer, performer, collaborator, teacher and dramaturg. Over the past two decades her work has been informed by Body weather and the perceptual practices of Deborah Hay. Her practice based research on the fragmented and unifying intelligences of the corporeal, including the body as animal, is published in the 1st edition of Animal Studies Journal http://ro.uow.edu.au/asj/ and ‘Act of Repair’ Performance Research Journal #18 On Falling.

Mikaela Carr – Catapult Dance

Mikaela Carr trained at the Victorian College of the Arts and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance.) Mikaela has participated in Prue Lang’s work-in-progress showing at Lucy Guerin’s First Run and has trained with Michael Schumacher, Cyril Baldy and Ayman Harper in Forsythe improvisation technologies for One Flat Thing. Mikaela performed in Becky Hilton’s Groupness in Pieces for Small Spaces and Observation choreographed by Brianna Kell. Mikaela is a member of Prue Lang’s PLANT Research Lab. She worked with Lang on STELLAR PROJECT presented at Dance Massive in 2017 and is currently in development with Matt Cornell. During her DAIR at Catapult Dance in Newcastle Mikaela will work on her own improvisational practice.

Laura Osweiler – Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre

Dr. Laura (Amara) Osweiler (choreographer and dancer), Paul Osbourne (director, designer and lighting director), Cassie To (composer) are developing an interdisciplinary collaborative work. Using provocations based in rhizome theory, they explore: obscuring and transforming the materiality and immaterially of the human form; conflating shadow and the body; multiplicity, fragmentation and segmentation of the one; moving centers and fluid edges; and trajectories of traces. At the Joan Sutherland Theatre, they will: discover what angles, shapes, directions, colours and textures of lights to use; build, stage and explore a set; experiment with placing sound in specific spaces; and continue to develop the choreographic vocabulary and structure.

Sarah Vai and Yukino McHugh – ReadyMade Works

Sarah Vai and Yukino McHugh will use their DAIR at ReadyMade Works in November to delve into research for their upcoming choreographic film installation focussing on gender identity and physical communication.  The work ‘Mx.Red’ (pronounced misread) aims to explore the conceptual rationale of a gender-fluid utopia and will be presented at the Festival of Live Art in Melbourne. Sarah will work with four dancers in the studio whilst Yukino experiments with creative immersive video.


DAIR recipients received:


  • Residency space at host venue
  • Pre-residency planning support from Ausdance NSW via a 30 minute phone call, Skype or face to face meeting
  • A studio visit from Ausdance NSW during the residency
  • Administrative support from Ausdance NSW for the showing of work during residency (if required)
  • Promotion of artist/residency through Ausdance NSW e-news and social media
  • Feedback session post-residency with Ausdance NSW

Ausdance NSW would like to thank our venue partners for the 2017 DAIR Program

ReadyMade Works

Royal Academy of Dance

The Joan