The inaugural 2019 Create Space residency was awarded to dancer and choreographer Dean Walsh. Dean is an award-winning Australian contemporary dance and performance practitioner, teacher and writer. He is Autistic (higher functioning) and since 1991 has been a passionate advocate for Australian contemporary dance, queer performance and disability-inclusive communities, as well as the environmental science sectors. During his residency, Dean continued to develop his work EGOSystem, addressing the impact of climate change we are currently facing, and the dramatic impact plastic waste has on our eco-system. Dean states, 

“We’re experiencing changes to all manner of systems, at an unprecedented scale, across the planet. Environmental living systems, economic, political, religious, social among many others.”

His work also addresses the impact environmental change has on human’s emotional wellbeing. 

Ausdance would like to thank our valued partners for supporting this important residency, namely, Sydney Opera House’s Fiona Winning, Janelle Ryan, Tulleah Pearce and Claire Gammon, as well as FORM Dance Projects’ Agnès Michelet.


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