COVID-19 Guidance Notes


The purpose of this document is to assist in the safe return to dance activity in the state of NSW and provide guidance to planning safety measures taken by the dance community to manage a safe return to artistic, business and community activities. Dance activities considered when writing these guidance notes include but are not limited to:

  • All dance genres and practices
  • Professional dance training, performance, and competitions and company rehearsals
  • Recreational and pre-professional dance training and performance including dance competitions
  • Classes and training for children and adults
  • Artist-run initiatives and activities

These notes aim to assist the dance sector in adapting their practices and operations to ensure compliance with government directives for COVID-19 preparedness and safety.

These guidance notes aim to:

1.Detail ways to comply safely to government requirements

2. This guidance is opt-in– dance sector professionals do not need to operate in accordance with these notes. It is for guidance and support of the sector in NSW only.

NOTE: Dance practitioners and businesses must follow NSW work health and safety guidelines including registering a COVID Safety Plan at While these notes have been developed with industry peers and collaboration for the purposes of guiding dance activity for the sector back to operation, entities are to follow best practice recommendations which are relevant to their specific operations and circumstances.

These notes have been developed in conjunction with:

  • Return to Dance: Principles and Framework for Returning to dance post COVID-19 (Ausdance National)
  • Industry COVID Safe Plan for Dance and Physical Performing Arts (Ausdance QLD)
  • The Australian Institute for Sport Toolkit
  • Current NSW health advice

A word document of the DCIP Risk Review and Checklist for Dance can be found here>>>

NOTE: This is a live document, for the most up to date version, please download the one with the most current date.