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Michelle Silby, Director of Ausdance NSW and Executive Director of Ausdance Victoria, giving rehearsal notes in preparation for Big Dance 2016 in Darwin, Northern Territory. 

It has been a fantastic opportunity to be part of Big Dance UK. In 2014 events were held in Sydney and regional NSW, led by Ausdance NSW, Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Opera House. In 2016 Ausdance NSW worked with inter-state partners Tracks in Darwin, Northern Territory and Ausdance QLD in Brisbane, Queensland on two major events.


"I firmly believe dance is for everyone and everyone can dance!

Big Dance UK is a wonderful opportunity to participate in dance for free. We in Australia have really enjoyed the opportunity to join in, and be part of the global dance community. This year working with the choreography made by Akram Khan has been a dream, inspiring young and old alike all over the country."

- Michelle Silby, Director of Ausdance NSW and Executive Director of Ausdance Victoria: the peak bodies and service organizations for dance for their states.


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