• This week Ausdance National represented dancers and the sector at Tony Burke’ MP national roundtable and joined the discussions hosted by NAVA and AMPAG.
  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, The Greens arts spokesperson has responded to the national statement.  
  • The network  (including Ausdance NSW and National) is communicating daily with other peak bodies and government
  • Ausdance National signed a joint submission from 40 other organisations coordinated by NAVA to the Prime Minister due to be released today. Read the letter here>>>
  • Mental health is emerging as a major concern for dancers and the sector as preliminary findings from the survey emerge. NSW, MVIC and NT have had the most drastic impact on artist wages with the NT moving to zero income for the artists who responded since the health crisis.
  • More than 50% of dancers and sector professionals who freelance  have no other sources of income
  • Ausdance notes the impact of the health crisis on Australian Indigenous people and communities who are most at risk affecting the continuation of knowledge. Response and relief for this specific need is urgent.     
  • There continues to be a need for an arts specific relief package
  • Ausdance identifies the need for additional grant and income to assist the arts and dance sector at this time. It should not be drawn from existing or redirected funds
  • More advice is needed to ensure that freelancers, sole traders and people whose partner’s incomes are on the lowest end of the social security bracket can access the stimulus packages
  • Ausdance noted that this week dance studios were part of the shutdown of businesses across the country. More advice is pending in terms of the impact these closures will have on the sector as primary teaching and training spaces for emerging professionals and recreational participants in the dance community.



  • $4.5 million lost across the country for the dance sector as income
  • NSW post COVID incomes are 24% of pre-COVID income.
  • ‘I’m working on it’ – our community are working on transferring their business and arts practice to adjust to self-isolation.

Ausdance National COVID-19 Impact Survey for the Dance Sector.

This survey provides an understanding of the immediate and medium-term needs of dance professionals in order to develop sector-specific responses to the impact of COVID-19.

Ausdance as a collective body is collecting state and national data to help support the sector during this difficult time. We need strong sector-specific data to inform and lobby for solutions. Ausdance is working both for members and the broader dance community and welcomes your input at this challenging time.

Please note: this survey is currently being channelled through Ausdance Queensland who have been working with professionals in the industry and with the Ausdance network as this branch was best positioned to do so at this point in time. However, the survey is national and we ask all dance professionals based in Australia to complete it.

Before completing this form please read our policy on data collection and sharing.



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Australia Council for the Arts

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MEAA - Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance

NAVA National Association For The Arts

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Theatre Network Australia

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