2020 saw the pandemic shut down borders across the globe. This has greatly impacted on the ability of the IDP artists to travel abroad as planned. Only 2 of the 6 residencies were able to take place. Residencies that were affected by COVID-19, were given assistance by the Ausdance team, and Gabriella, Omer, Rhiannon and Robert will be given the opportunity to complete their activities when border restrictions have been lifted.

  • Lee Serle Beirut, Lebanon
  • Lisa Maris McDonnell Spain
  • Gabriela Green London and Germny (affected by COVID-19)
  • Omer Astrachan Vancover, Canada and Sydney (affected by COVID-19)
  • Rhiannon Newton France and Regional NSW (affected by COVID-19)
  • Robert Tinning Miami, USA (affected by COVID-19)



Lisa Maris McDonell spent two weeks at the world’s largest ‘Flamencoevent.’ During these two weeks, she participated in classes, workshops, and the viewing of performances presented by the world’s leading Flamenco practitioners. On return from Spain, she plans to use her research from her trip to develop a new experimental Flamenco solo, originally being presented in the later part 2020.

“My IDP grant provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Flamenco as a living, evolving art-form in its place of origin. I was able to witness the most revered of Flamenco artists as well as those that are not famous but live Flamenco as part of their everyday life. I was able to do classes and workshops with artists I would never have access to in Australia. The trip was very affirming for me with regard to my place in the Flamenco world as an Australian dancer who leans toward the contemporary expression of the art form. I came away feeling like I was on the right track and that as a mature artist there were still many productive years ahead of me.”


 Gabriela Green will be heading to Europe for a professional development program with Dance Ability by Alito Alessi, the founder of the method. She will then travel to Germany to connect with Ensemble Beweg Grund Company. She will then head to London and Candoco Dance Company.


Lee Serle undertatook two weeks of research on dramaturgy with Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association in Beirut, Lebanon. He studied the working process of theatre director Maya Zbib in the creation of the company’s new theatre work.


Omer Astrachan will be undertaking residencies in both Canada and Sydney. The 2-week residency in Vancouver will be mentored by Artist Director Idhan Cohen as part of Ne. While there he will deliver a workshop at the companies studio as a way to connect with the broader Canadian dance sector. Upon returning home Omer will spend a week with FORM Dance Projects, in which he will share his experience from his trip, and hold a workshop for dancers of Western Sydney.


Rhiannon Newton will undertake a period of international professional development, followed by international and regional residencies. She will participate in an IETM Plenary Meeting, attend programs as a part of Kunsten Festival des Arts and undertake key residencies in France and regional NSW.


Robert Tinning will be undertaking a mentorship with dancer, Choreographer, Poet and Painter Lazaro Godoy (Jiří Kylián) and a mentorship-residency with Visual/Conceptual Artist Don Lambert, both based in Miami. He will research innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches for his dance practice. He will consolidate the information with workshops alongside Norpa’s associate artist/producer and Dream Bigger’s Creative Arts & Culture Facilitator Mitch King.

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