• Callum Mooney Perth, Western Australia
  • Lizzie Thomson, Iceland
  • Jo Clancy, West Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Kayah Guenther, Tasmania
  • Kimberley McIntyre, Berlin and Vienna
  • Timothy Ohl, Taree, NSW

“The opportunity to be immersed in 2 First Nations Dance Festivals for 3 weeks was incredibly innovating and my networks grew, developed and solidified. I wanted to increase my skills and confidence in the presentation of my work and to grow the profile of Wagana. This happened, it was joyful, it was enriching and it will be ongoing.” Jo Clancy


Kayah Guenther travelled to Launceston, Tasmania for a two-week residency. It was an opportunity for Kayah to be in a professional development with Gabriel Comerford (Tasdance) exploring his work ‘The Gentle Warrior’ and culminating with a showing of their two intensive weeks together. This residency provided Kayah with a mentoring opportunity to assist and further his development as an artist.

“Working with Gabe expanded Kayahs growth as an artist and the establishment of a deeper creating bond between them. Along with their artistic connection was the establishment of a partnership with Tasdance and their Artistic Director Adam Wheeler. Adam and Tasdance have expressed the interest to have further development which would end with the outcome of a performance Dance / Theatre piece this is a fabulous future opportunity and now we shall go about the process of making that happen.”


Jo Clancy travelled to West Vancouver, BC Canada where she had been invited by Dancers of Damelahamid to participate and have cultural exchange at their Coastal First Nations Dance Festival in February-March 2019. The Dancers of Damelahamid produce the annual Coastal First Nations Dance Festival in partnership with the UBC Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. The Festival is a celebration of the stories, songs and dances of the Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America.

“The opportunity to be immersed in 2 First Nations Dance Festivals for 3 weeks was incredibly innovating and my networks grew, developed and solidified. I wanted to increase my skills and confidence in the presentation of my work and to grow the profile of Wagana. This happened, it was joyful, it was enriching and it will be ongoing.”


Callum Mooney travelled to Perth, Western Australia to take part in a residency with STRUT dance. During his time there he took part in Hofesh methodology workshops. He also begins a performance opportunity with Dancenorth, working full time with the company for a month. He took part in classes and the process of creation period for their piece ‘Noise.’

“IDP, allowed me to continue my working relationship with the team at STRUT Dance, and gave me an opportunity to discuss future projects in working with STRUT Dance. As well as gaining more movement knowledge and ways of approaching choreography through the Hofesh program. Some of these methodologies have fed into my own choreographic and teaching practice.”


Kimberley McIntyre travelled to Berlin for a 5-day intensive training with Nir De Volff of TOTAL BRUTAL, followed by a 2-week residency at Im_flieger – Independent Artists’ Initiative, Vienna for peer practice & artistic cultural exchange with Berlin-based Dancer Performer Researcher Susanne Martin (PhD). During her time she also attended The Vienna Arts Festival and participated in workshops.

“The whole premise for the grant and my receiving the opportunity stimulated lots of conversations and discussions among my peers and those I met overseas. It was amazing to have this time to myself in Berlin especially. To have ‘myself’ and ‘my artist’ in a new place, a vibrant place full of internationals and old architecture. It is a renewing experience just to be somewhere new on ones own. On top of this was the accessibility to high-quality art as performance..”

Photo Credit: Ingrid Pullen, performance : “Sunset on the Roof” Lismore Aug 2016.


Lizzie Thomson participated in a professional development program to expand and innovate her practice through collaboration with artists across art forms and with Sydney’s Deaf community. She undertook a residency in Iceland through the esteemed SÍM International Residency Program. Through this residency, she extended her choreographic inquiry into exciting new territories and develop meaningful connections with the diverse international SÍM artists and Icelandic-based artists.

“Through beginning to learn Auslan, I have developed an unexpected interest in hands and their choreographic potential. During my residency at SÍM in Iceland, I developed a new video work entitled ‘Abracadabra: Idiosyncratic dance practices for the soft, the injured and other light-dependent beings’. The residency in Iceland also greatly expanded and strengthened my network of professional artists and curators based in Iceland and other Nordic countries, particularly Norway and Finland.”


Timothy Ohl undertook a research and development residency at the Manning Entertainment Centre, Taree NSW. He collaborated with Alejandrop Rolandi and Harrison Ritchie-Jones over a 2 week period investigating perceptions of the body through spatial distortions using optics. They developed research into new work Pyramids. Using colour saturation, reflection/transparency, depth perception, spatial sound augmentation & burnt afterimages they interrogated how perception can be distorted, aiming to expose the subjectivity of what we feel, hear & see.

“This funding saw the development of my new work PYRAMIDS. This work is a culmination of research that began with a Critical Path/UNSW residency in 2017. It allowed me to delve further into this research, having had time to reflect and work towards a creative development.”

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