• Carl Sciberras, Valetta, Malta
  • Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Lewis Major, Lennox Heads, NSW
  • Patrick ‘Lucky’ Lartey, Ankata in BoBo Burkina Faso West Africa
  • Ryuichi Fujimura, Sydney, NSW
  • Sarah Houbolt, Sydney, NSW

“This program of activities exceeded my expectations. The dances I learned from Diane helped to form some of the core structural components of my solo work, so in this way, the research was directly fed into my creative work.” Carl Sciberras



Carl Sciberras travelled to Malta and was mentored by Francesca Tranter, Artistic Director of Contact Dance Company where he participated in her curated summer program ‘Dance Hybrid Malta’. Carl participated in workshops, conducted research with folk and contemporary dancers and presented his work in the Malta International Arts Festival. He also had the opportunity to work with choreographer and dancer Diane Portelli, Moveo Dance Company. Upon his return to Sydney he completed the development for a new solo work that he presented at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta in November. During that presentation, he conducted a workshop to a local high school dance group and with the support of the City of Parramatta Creative Fellowship as outlined in his original proposal.


Jade Dewi Tyas Tunngal developed her capabilities in teaching dance technique and directing solo and ensemble choreographic process from an embodied anatomy and kinesiology perspective. Jade completed an online course from the New York City Breathing Project, she engages with community dancers with a free sharing and evolved her choreographic practice during freelance commissions and inter-arts projects.

“IDP strengthened my dance-making practices, aligning performance, choreography and teaching with equal measure. I have successfully furthered my somatic dance studies and improved my teaching delivery and confidence. Through enhancing my listening and attention in personal practices I now provide quality imagery and directed touch experiences for my students and collaborators.”


Lewis Majorcompleted an intensive period of professional development through a one on one mentorship with acclaimed NSW choreographer and artistic director Shaun Parker to develop his choreographic and dramaturgical skills as a dance maker. They worked together in the studios at the Seymour Centre on the first stage development of a short solo work and developed methods of creating choreography for two additional solo works.

At the end of his mentorship, Lewis had the opportunity to work with Shaun on the remounting of his work “Trolleys’ in which the cast was made of up dancers from Lewis dance company. This gave him additional experience in directing, rehearsing and producing.

“The opportunities provided by this mentorship with Shaun propelled my career and practice forward in ways that I had not fully anticipated: I can honestly say that his guidance and support has helped me to make the step from emerging artist to established.”


Patrick ‘Lucky’ Lartey travelled to Burkina Faso, West Africa and completed a 4 week mentorship with Serge Aime Coulibaly, the artistic director of Faso Dance Theatre. It was a creative space for meetings, reflection and research on contemporary choreography practice. As part of this mentorship Serge invited Lartey to stay in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to work with dancers at CDC La Termitiere.

 “With Serge Aimé Coulibaly’s guidance, encouragement and questioning I was able to break through what is known, to explore all the different possibilities for movement generated from my body. It prompted a shift in thinking about what is possible and not possible on stage and the strengthening of my understanding and knowledge in developing a new movement language that can then inform new ways of working.”


 Ryuichi Fujimura undertook a mentorship with Dance Artist and Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner Alice Cummins in Melbourne. They explored somatic and perceptual techniques to generate original ways of moving, refine technique and develop sensitivity to the relational field. Every day they began with a personal warm-up where Alice introduced Ryuichi her innovative warm-up techniques for injury-prevention purposes. He was also able to focus on his solo material for presentation at Dance Massive (2016) and she offered guidance on how to run his Open Studio presentation to delegates.

“During my IDP mentorship residency, Alice imparted her knowledge on dance, composition, collaboration, health, body and mind through moving together and shared discussion. This has inspired me and helped my preparation to continue and extend my dance practice for the next decade and beyond.”


Sarah Houbolt undertook a 2-week residency at Sydney Dance Company. During this time she explored her partial sight in relation to dance, with particular focus on researching new ways of stacking the senses, new methodologies, and technologies. This included testing kinaesthetic touch learning, in which she worked with 2 sighted dancers and 2 nonsighted learners / dancers.

“This Ausdance project led me to successfully apply for the Artist with Disability fellowship with CreateNSW, for a project on blindness and dance globally. The IDP was instrumental in my initial explorations and I really needed that research time with the people that I had in the room. I am still very interested in the explorations I initiated through IDP and am accumulating knowledge as I go. It gave me the confidence to investigate on a global scale.”

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